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Why Texas bar refels critics of its lip-bar rule

Why Texas bar refels critics of its lip-bar rule

A Texas bar has responded to criticism that its bar refelcts women by requiring women to wear a separate bar at every meal.

“The bar refines our culture and we want to do the same for you,” the Lonestar County Board of Commissioners wrote in a statement on Friday.

The statement went on to say that it has a “zero tolerance policy for discrimination,” adding that it “has been actively recruiting women to participate in the program.”

Texas bars are required to provide separate bathrooms for men and women, and for all customers.

The Lonestars have been in a heated fight with bar owners in the past.

Earlier this year, the state’s Supreme Court struck down a ban on transgender people using the men’s bathroom at the state capitol in Austin.

In the wake of the ruling, many businesses and bars in the state closed their doors.

Lonestaria, however, was the first Texas bar to follow suit.

Listed as a public health concern, the new policy came under criticism from women’s groups.

“Lonestar is the first to offer a bar-based gender-neutral bathroom policy, and the state of Texas is the last,” said the Human Rights Campaign’s Heidi Beirich in a blog post on Friday, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

The board’s statement on the Lonesome Lace restaurant said that the L.C.B.P. had “no policy or precedent to require women to share a restroom with men,” adding, “The state of Tennessee is already banning the practice.”

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