India’s Facebook is trying to make friends with bar keepERS friend – The Times of India

Facebook has started to make friend-making easier in India with a new feature that lets users share their photo album and profile information with friends, with the aim of building a more diverse user base.Facebook users will be able to search their friends’ photos and profile photos on the social network, and share the same information with the friends who […]

Why ‘Bare’ and ‘Bones’ are best adjectives for the 2016 presidential election

By John Wagner February 20, 2017 9:45:17There’s an argument that we need to ditch the “bare” adjective for the presidential election.That’s because it is an apt descriptor for the president, and it is also an adjective that has a long and illustrious history in American politics.That is, until now.Bare was first used in 1892 by then-President John Tyler, who said […]

Which of these bars will you wear to your next bar night?

With the holidays fast approaching, many bars across the country are planning to offer some kind of holiday cheer for their customers this year.As part of their annual holiday cheer, bars across America will be offering up a few different bars and barside parties to celebrate the season.But there’s no shortage of bars and bar snacks out there that are […]

How to make cocktails at home

The best cocktails can be made at home.In a word, they’re cheap.The ingredients are easy to come by, and if you’re in the mood for something a little more decadent, you can have the right drink at the right time.With a little effort, you’ll have an even better cocktail experience than at your local bar.Here are a few tips to […]

How to shop for the best meatballs

Cigar bar burger bar ,healthiest Protein bars and more in this article How to eat healthy with meatballs?There are plenty of meatballs options available in supermarkets and fast food restaurants, but if you want to make sure you’re eating a healthy, filling meal, it’s best to start with the cheapest.Here’s what you should do to get the most bang for […]

Jinya Ramen bar is ‘the most expensive bar in America’

Jinyan Ramen Bar is the most expensive restaurant in the United States, according to data compiled by The Wall Street Journal.The restaurant’s menu costs $100 per person and its prices are $200 above average for a restaurant in that location.Jinyas menu is comprised of soups, noodle dishes, bar snacks and desserts.Its prices are also higher than many other restaurants in […]