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How to make a ‘puff bar’ from scratch

How to make a ‘puff bar’ from scratch

A new puff bar recipe has been discovered that is just as tasty and nutritious as traditional barbecued meat.

The recipe was developed by a group of amateur cooks in Queensland, and has now been featured on the BBC’s Newsbeat.

The barbecuing process takes time to develop, and while it may seem like an elaborate contraption, it’s actually quite simple, according to the ABC.

In a typical barbecue, the meat is split in two pieces, then cooked in a large cast iron pan and topped with some chilli, black pepper, garlic and a generous dash of ground coriander.

“It’s very similar to the way you would do a burger, except it’s all meat, and it’s a lot healthier,” one of the barbecuers said.

“The problem is that there’s no way to store it.

It’s got to be brought out to the smoker.”

We were thinking, well, if you put the meat in the oven and leave it to cook, why don’t you go back and add some chillis and spices?

“The team was keen to keep the process as simple as possible.

The meat and the spices were cooked for about 15 minutes, and the barbeque was completed by about an hour.

The final product was served with a pickle and a small salad.”

That’s really good, I thought,” one cook said.

The group hopes to launch the recipe at a barbecue soon, and says the bar can be prepared for up to four people.

The ABC contacted a Queensland barbequer who confirmed that they were making the recipe, and that the bar is ready to go.

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