How to choose a beer for breakfast at a bar in Barcelona

How to choose a beer for breakfast at a bar in Barcelona

There are plenty of places to get breakfast at bars in Barcelona, but what about the ones that serve beer?

The answer is…

Barcelona has its own unique breakfast bar.

Bar La Casa Bar, as it’s known, opened in 2015 and has become the go-to place for breakfast.

Bar la Casa offers everything from traditional pancakes to breakfast sandwiches and other breakfast items that come with a few choices of ingredients.

The menu changes daily but the most popular items are the ones with breakfast staples like bacon and eggs.

It’s also where you’ll find some of the best breakfast drinks in the city.

Here are some of our favorites.


Bacon Pancakes from Bar La Casa Bar La Cassa is a modern-day, neighborhood favorite that offers a delicious breakfast, including bacon, eggs and ham.


Chicken and Bacon Pancake from Bar la Casa A popular breakfast food, Bar la Cassa’s Chicken and Biscuit Pancake is topped with fresh herbs, roasted red peppers and some spicy bacon.


Breakfast from Bar Bar La Parra Bar La PARRA offers a variety of breakfast options, including egg and ham sandwiches and chicken and bacon pancakes.


Chicken Fajita Breakfast from La Parrara Bar La PARA offers an assortment of breakfast items, including the best egg and bacon sandwiches and eggs scrambled in corn tortillas.


Pancakes with Bacon from Bar Parrana Bar PARRA’s Pancakes With Bacon menu offers eggs scrambled with bacon, bacon-wrapped eggs and scrambled eggs with bacon.


Pancake Breakfast with Bacon and Ham from La Perla Bar La PERLA offers a breakfast menu with breakfast favorites such as breakfast sausage, eggs, bacon, ham and pancakes.


Breakfast with Ham from Bar Ristorante Bar RISTORANTE offers breakfast items such as eggs, eggs scrambled and bacon.


Breakfast in the Kitchen from La Casita Bar La CASITA offers breakfast favorites like breakfast sausage and breakfast ham.


Breakfast Sandwich from La Pascual Bar La PRECAVINA offers a popular breakfast menu of breakfast classics such as pancakes, bacon and ham, eggs stuffed in corn and a breakfast sandwich.


Breakfast sandwich with Eggs and Bacon from La Fajitas Bar La FAGAS offers a classic breakfast menu including pancakes, eggs on toast, bacon on toast and a classic brunch breakfast.


Breakfast waffles from Bar El Bar El BAR offers a full breakfast menu featuring breakfast favorites including eggs and bacon, pancakes and eggs on bread.


Breakfast Waffles from La Salsa Bar La SALASA offers a typical breakfast menu offering breakfast classics including eggs, toast and bacon on bread and eggs fried in bacon on the side.


Breakfast Special with Eggs from Bar Quiros Bar Quirro provides a full brunch menu of classics including breakfast sausage on toast with eggs on the cob, eggs in a tortilla and breakfast eggs with toast on toast.


Breakfast Eggs waffles with bacon from Bar Ester Bar ESTER offers a traditional breakfast menu that includes breakfast sausage with eggs and toast.


Breakfast sausage waffles served with eggs from Bar Seperados Bar SEPERATOS offers a standard breakfast menu where eggs are served with toast and breakfast sausage waffle with bacon on top.


Breakfast Cheese Sandwich from Bar del Bar del BAR offers breakfast cheese waffles, scrambled eggs and sausage on the bread.


Breakfast Bacon Sandwich from Ester Ester offers a brunch cheese waffle.


Breakfast Egg waffles waffles featuring bacon with eggs served with sausage on top and scrambled with eggs, served with breakfast sausage.


Breakfast ham waffles serving eggs and egg with toast served with bacon and bacon-sausage, eggs wrapped in a corn tortilla.


Breakfast bacon waffles and bacon wrapped ham waffle served with scrambled eggs, scrambled egg, scrambled cheese, bacon wrapped bacon and breakfast bacon wrapped cheese waff.


Breakfast pancakes served with egg and eggs in corn on a toast.


Breakfast eggs served in a waffle basket with bacon wrapped on top, scrambled waffle, eggs with a toast on top for breakfast waffles.


Breakfast biscuits waffles using bacon wrapped eggs and eggs stuffed with bacon as the toppings.


Breakfast scrambled eggs waffles in corn with eggs in toast.


Breakfast breakfast sausage sandwiches with bacon waffle on top served with pancakes, breakfast sausage topped with ham and eggs, breakfast scrambled eggs served on toast for breakfast sausage sandwich.


Breakfast egg waffles on toast served in corn.


Breakfast bread waffles made with scrambled cheese and bacon in a bowl.


Breakfast coffee and espresso served in an espresso machine.


Breakfast sandwiches made with breakfast egg and scrambled cheese.


Breakfast cheese wafers made with eggs.


Breakfast hot dogs with bacon in bacon

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