Jinya Ramen bar is ‘the most expensive bar in America’

Jinya Ramen bar is ‘the most expensive bar in America’

Jinyan Ramen Bar is the most expensive restaurant in the United States, according to data compiled by The Wall Street Journal.

The restaurant’s menu costs $100 per person and its prices are $200 above average for a restaurant in that location.

Jinyas menu is comprised of soups, noodle dishes, bar snacks and desserts.

Its prices are also higher than many other restaurants in the country.

Jiyas food comes from a mix of vegetables and grains, and it’s served with broth, which is also made from noodles.

The food comes with a minimum of 25 servings and the restaurant offers the option of unlimited soup and noodle soup for $7.99 per person.

It also offers a limited menu of pastrami, lamb chops, chicken thighs and other meat.

Jinya Bar is also the only Jinyus restaurant to earn a Michelin star for its menu.

Michelin requires restaurants to use a certain amount of fresh ingredients and create dishes that reflect the region in which they are located.

It has a five-star rating for food and service.

Jinkyo Ramen is the only Japanese restaurant that received a star rating.

Jijyo Ramen also has a Michele-starred rating, but the restaurant’s menus often feature less than 10 dishes on the menu.

The menu for Jinyon Ramen has about 15 dishes.