‘It’s not just about the money’: Bar Rescue’s new mission statement

‘It’s not just about the money’: Bar Rescue’s new mission statement

Bar Rescue is an independent bar-restaurant chain that offers a wide array of bar services in downtown Austin.

It has been in business since 2013.

Now it’s launching a new mission to raise awareness and money for its local bar and restaurant community.

“It’s time for us to step up and help our bar community,” Bar Rescue CEO and founder Tara Riddle told Business Insider.

Bar Rescue, which opened in December 2013 in downtown Houston, serves up a variety of bar food, including oyster bars and cocktails, in addition to bar food like tacos and tacos with chips.

In order to bring the bar community together, Bar Rescue has started to offer special promotions and promotions for its patrons to get them excited about coming to their local bar.

For example, they are offering a bar code to customers to redeem their free bar code at any bar.

To help its customers, Bar Rover will be offering a special bar code for people to use to receive a free barcode for a $5 drink.

Bar Rover is also offering discounts on its bar food.

The company is offering specials on a variety and specialty drinks including the “Bar Rescue Blue Oyster Bar” for $4, “Bar Rover Cocktail Club” for half price, and “Bar Roast Bar” which is half price for a drink.

The discounts are only valid for one bar code per customer.

In addition, Bar Roast bar is also half price on a regular bar code and $5 off a barcode at Bar Rover restaurants.

Bar Roamers are also offering specials at Bar Rescue restaurants for people who do not have a Bar Rover membership.

For more information, visit Bar Rover’s website or Facebook page.

“We are really excited to be able to bring Bar Rover to downtown Austin,” Riddle said.

Bar Rehab is also working to create a Bar Rescue community.

The bar and lounge will be serving cocktails, burgers, and other food items at the Downtown Austin Convention Center.

The Downtown Austin Bar and Lounge is located at 621 E. University Ave., Downtown Austin, Texas 78711.

Bar Recycling is also bringing the bar and bar service concept to Downtown Austin.

The concept of Bar Recycle is to recycle unwanted barware, plates, and plates that are being used for bar services.

For the past three years, Bar Recys have been doing a bar recycling campaign to raise money for their community.

For each month the program runs, they donate $50 worth of barware and plates to the Austin Food Bank and Food Bank of Greater Austin.

Bar recycles all of their used barware.

The charity organization will then use the donated barware to help build bar shelters and bar outreach programs.

Bar Refreshers, a nonprofit organization that runs bar refreshers and bar fundraisers, is also planning to take part in the bar recycling program.

For a list of all Bar Rescue bars, visit the Bar Rescue website.

Bar rescue also recently partnered with a local nonprofit to create the “Bark and Bite” promotion.

Bar rescues, which offer live music, are located at a number of locations in Austin.

They serve up a mix of traditional and live music and also have the option to serve up food.

“The Bark and Bite promotion is a way to connect with our patrons, to help bring their community together,” Bar Rehabs founder and co-founder Tara Riggs told Business Update.

“In addition to getting the community excited, we hope that our bar patrons will come out to our bar and participate in a fun and exciting event that benefits our community.”

The “Barks and Bites” promotion is running from the end of November through the end on January 6.

To find a Bar Rehab in your area, visit their Facebook page or visit their website. 

Bar Rescue will be accepting bar codes from all of its locations in the coming weeks, including at the following locations: 713 N. Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78703; 713 S. Main St., Austin TX 78702; 711 E. Main Ave., Austin Texas 78702. 

Bar Rescue will also be accepting code submissions from bar patrons at all of the locations that they have already established.

For those who wish to submit a bar codes, they can do so at any of their bar locations and online.

Bar Recovery is also accepting bar code submissions at its bar locations, including all of them.

Bar Rodeo is also taking part in a bar rescue event in Austin on January 4.

For details, visit its website.