India’s Facebook is trying to make friends with bar keepERS friend – The Times of India

India’s Facebook is trying to make friends with bar keepERS friend – The Times of India

Facebook has started to make friend-making easier in India with a new feature that lets users share their photo album and profile information with friends, with the aim of building a more diverse user base.

Facebook users will be able to search their friends’ photos and profile photos on the social network, and share the same information with the friends who are also sharing it with them.

The feature, which has been in testing for several months, is based on Facebook’s photo-sharing algorithm and will allow users to easily share information from their Facebook profiles, including the location of the photos and the friends that shared them.

Facebook will also provide users with a way to share photos with friends who have previously shared their photos on Facebook.

The new feature is being rolled out to users across India and other countries.

Facebook has said that it is working on making the feature more inclusive and accessible to people across the country.

“We know there is a growing need for more diverse communities, and we want to be a leader in helping people get to know each other and build meaningful connections.

We’re excited to expand our global reach and offer these new tools to people who are already using Facebook,” said Brad Smith, senior director of international marketing at Facebook.

In India, Facebook has been offering similar tools to its user base for a while.

Users can post photos, videos, and other content to their accounts and Facebook will then filter and share these items.

Users in India can also share photos from their friends and friends of friends.

This feature will also be available in India for the first time.

The Facebook service in India was launched earlier this year.

The company has since added support for mobile phones and other platforms, including its own.