How to avoid being mugged in California bars

How to avoid being mugged in California bars

A bar in southern California is offering free beer to anyone who knocks on the door of a door and tries to get in.

The San Diego Bar Association said Wednesday it is offering a $25 gift card for a customer who knocks and says they need a beer to pay their bill.

If the customer does not pay their bills, they will be asked to leave and the bar will donate $25 to the bar.

The bar has been operating since 2003 and has welcomed visitors from around the world, said the association’s vice president, Joe Perticone.

The association says it has given out over $1.5 million in gift cards since its establishment was established in 2013.

A bar manager said in an email to Breitbart News the bar has donated over $20,000 in gift card proceeds since the organization began operating in 2017.

A bar manager at a similar establishment in Sacramento, California, also said the bar donated more than $20 million in donations over the past 10 years.

The San Diego Association of Bars, Restaurants, Breweries, and Bars is accepting a $1,000 gift card from the San Diego Union Tribune and has donated $10,000 to charity in the past year, according to its website.

The gift card can be used for a $10 or $20 gift, or to cover bar expenses, such as the cost of an extra server, Pertisco said.

He added that the association is looking for additional charitable donations, but has not yet received any.

A group called the California Bar Association, the National Association of Bar Owners, the American Beverage Association and the International Beverage Alliance have also contributed in recent years to the association.

Perticone said he has never heard of the bar offering a free gift card, adding that he thinks the association has the right to choose the best way to donate to the organization.

He said the money donated by the association will help the association cover its bills and that it will donate any additional donations.

Pantos’ Bar, a San Diego bar, has been accepting donations for the past seven years.