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Klondike bars, candy bars and coffee shops open in North Dakota

Klondike bars, candy bars and coffee shops open in North Dakota

The Klondikes are making it back to the ice and into the summertime.

The popular tourist destination, located on the east side of the state, will soon be home to a candy bar and a coffee shop.

The opening of the new businesses marks a major milestone for the community, which has long been in need of a fresh, fresh start.

“The Klondikers were really a very important part of our community, and we wanted to give them a real chance to feel welcome,” said Jeff Rittmeyer, president and CEO of the Klondiker Tourism Alliance.

“The restaurants will bring the people in here back, and the restaurants will help people stay and spend time with family, friends and loved ones.”

The newly opened restaurants will offer everything from a coffee bar and baked goods to a beer garden.

The coffee shop will offer “artisan coffee” made with the finest beans.

The owners of the coffee shop say it will be a fun, family-friendly environment.

“We want to give the Klodikians the opportunity to have an opportunity to make friends and to spend some quality time with friends,” said Matt Kuepper, co-owner of the Kueppers Coffee Shop in the new coffee shop area.

“We have a great selection of products and coffee, so you can choose from our delicious menu and get a great cup of coffee.”

The coffee shop has been a popular destination for locals and tourists alike for years.

Kuecker and his wife, Kaye, started the coffee bar in 2014, but the Kuesters are now opening the coffee and chocolate shops for the first time.

The family has already been spending time with their grandchildren and they plan to add a second coffee shop to the mix.

“They are very excited to open their first Klondikian coffee shop, and are extremely happy to be able to welcome our Klondis to their new home,” said Kaye Kueker, co owner of the restaurant.

“It’s great to have the Kloners and other Klondiks to spend quality time together in a warm, comfortable setting,” said Rittmeier, president of the Tourism Alliance for the Klonds.

The Klonds hope to open the new locations in late summer.

They have already secured a space in the downtown area and hope to move into a more rural area soon.

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