How to make a grumpy dog’s favourite snack

How to make a grumpy dog’s favourite snack

A Grumpy Dog’s favourite dessert, a kava bar, has a name: Hooties Burger Bar.

Its a burger bar that’s served with kava, a sweet-tasting drink made from a mixture of pineapple and coconut.

It’s been making the rounds of India’s internet newsrooms.

But this is not just any burger bar.

The kava drink is made with coconut milk and coconut oil, and is infused with kiwi leaves and other ingredients.

The drink is also topped with kaput, a coconut palm that has been used to make other drinks such as coconut juice.

The drinks have also made the rounds on YouTube, where users are making videos about their creations.

It has even been picked up by a major news agency, NDTV.

It’s not the first time the kava drinks have been seen in India.

A popular Indian snack, Mango Banana, has been making its way across the country, as have coconut water and other drinks made from kava.