How to Create a Cocktail Bar at Home

How to Create a Cocktail Bar at Home

By Chris P. Pritchard|Bleacher Report|November 24, 2018|6:29pm|1 commentI love cocktail bars.

I love cocktail parties.

And I love having the perfect cocktail to share with my family and friends.

So, when I discovered that cocktail bars and cocktail parties are more or less the same thing, I thought I’d share the secrets I learned from making cocktail bars at home.

I’m a Cocktails Master by day, and cocktail barista by night.

So here’s my five tips on how to make a cocktail bar at home with minimal fuss and minimal effort.


Make a Perfect Cocktail The first thing you’ll need is a glass of ice water.

You can use a pitcher, ice cube tray, or whatever works for you.

(This is an oldie, but it works well.)

The water you’ll use is a mix of vodka and lime juice, and it should have a very soft, silky consistency.

The trick here is to pour the liquid into the glass at an angle, making sure the glass is completely submerged.

You want it to be completely submerged in the water, but not to completely fill it up.

If you pour it too far forward, the liquid will overflow and you’ll get a glass full of water instead of a glass that’s empty.

If the glass isn’t completely submerged, the vodka will begin to pour out and the cocktail will taste like the glass.

I also like to pour my vodka straight into the mix glass, and then pour the lime juice straight into it, just to make sure it’s totally submerged.

(The vodka will start to foam up, but I leave it there so I can drink it later.)

Once you’ve poured your vodka in, you want to stir it in the glass, not just pour it in.

If your mix glass is too small, you’ll be forced to pour your cocktail through the glass and not into it.

(And that’s not a good thing, either!)

If you’re making a cocktail, you may have to make some adjustments as well.

You’ll want to adjust the length of the cocktail glass so it doesn’t get too close to the edge of the glass you want.

You also want to tilt the glass to make it more even.

If it’s too tilted, it’ll taste a little like a meringue.

If there’s too much of a tilt, the drink won’t flow smoothly and the lime will start floating in the mixture.

(You’ll need to adjust this as well, though.)

You’ll also want a small amount of ice, a plastic container, and some sort of strainer.

The strainer and container are essential to the cocktail making process.

The cocktail will begin bubbling as soon as the glass of vodka is poured in.

The easiest way to pour ice is to place a large bowl or bowl with a spout on top.

It should be filled with ice, and the bowl should be very close to where the vodka is being poured.

The only thing you want in the bowl is the ice, so if you have too much ice, you won’t get the desired ice cubes.

If all else fails, pour a small bowl into the bowl, then place it in a glass.

It’s best to do this with the glass so the cocktail won’t drip out as soon.

If things don’t work out, you can add a little more ice to the bowl.

Then, pour the ice in and stir it all together.

You should have enough ice for one cocktail.

I like to do all of this, then fill up the bowl with ice and pour it back into the spout.

The drink should be ready to drink by the time you pour the rest of the ice into the ice cube trays.


Add a Fresh, Healthy Lime Juice Lime juice is my absolute favorite ingredient in cocktails.

It doesn’t just come in a can, it’s the perfect addition to the cocktails.

I use a variety of lime juice flavors for each cocktail.

You could add a simple lime-infused vodka, but lime is also an excellent addition to other drinks like tequila and gin.

If that’s the case, you could add fresh lime juice to your cocktail.

Just make sure that it’s fresh and that you have the right type of lime.

Lime can be found in fresh lime green or fresh lime zest, and I like fresh lime.

I can’t stress this enough: if you’re using lime juice in a cocktail you won, t be using the wrong type of juice.

If I’m using fresh lime, I’ll be using lime zester or fresh fresh lime fruit.

You’d also want the juice to be very thick, which will allow you to pour it over the top of the drink.

You might also want some ice to add to your drink, since it will help to dissolve some of the lime.


Add Freshly Diced Grains of Rice or Flour Rice