You can buy the healthiest burger ever, the new Healthier Burger from Polygon

You can buy the healthiest burger ever, the new Healthier Burger from Polygon

Healthier burger?

Sure, you can, but it’s not exactly the kind of burger you can whip up on the fly.

The new Healthiest Burger from the Polygon team is an amalgam of all sorts of foods that come together in a way that’s easier to digest and provides better results than traditional burger recipes.

But we still want to tell you: this burger is the health and well-being burger.

Its main ingredient is a protein blend made of turkey, red meat, and soy.

Its name comes from the word health, which comes from “health” and the Greek word for “well.”

The protein blend is so high in protein that it can be used as a substitute for meat.

The texture of the burger is smooth, so it’s easier on the palate.

The protein is so concentrated that it actually tastes like chicken, and it tastes like real meat, so you can eat it on its own.

Its got about a third of the calories of a standard American burger.

You’ll need about 1,000 calories for the entire burger, and that’s on a medium-sized bun.

The meat is roasted in a roasting pan, but that doesn’t mean it’s cooked until it’s done to perfection.

It takes about 30 minutes to cook it, and you’ll be rewarded with a juicy patty that’s a little chewy and juicy.

This is a burger that’s made with lean meats that you can use in other dishes, like as a dip or as a meat substitute for steak or chicken.

It also has a lot of flavor, which is nice because it’s such a lean protein.

There’s about a 3 percent protein content in the patty, which means you can pack it into your own sandwich.

If you’re into that kind of thing, you should go for the Healthier Beef burger, which weighs in at a whopping 1,400 calories, and is made with turkey, soy, and red meat.

It’s made from scratch in an oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 to 40 minutes.

When you eat the whole burger, it has about 30 percent protein.

It doesn’t taste like chicken or steak, but you’ll still get a lot more flavor from the meat than you’ll get from a normal burger.

We recommend getting it with some red meat to balance out the flavor.

The bun is made of a blend of soy and turkey, so the texture is good, and the meat is chewy, which makes it easy to eat.

There are a lot better burgers out there.

This burger tastes really good with a couple of toppings.

We had some grilled cheese and some grilled onions, and those were good, too.

If that’s all you have, you’ll like this one.

It came with a side of salad, which was a little bland, but we enjoyed it.

Polygon: What are some of the other Healthier Burgers you’ve tried?

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You can check it out in the coming days.