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The world’s most dangerous sushi restaurant: The world is not yet ready for sushi bar, according to a report

The world’s most dangerous sushi restaurant: The world is not yet ready for sushi bar, according to a report

Posted August 02, 2018 09:51:25 This article was originally published on September 03, 2018 08:30:43.

It was last updated August 01, 2019 16:50:07.

A report published by CNN Money says the world is yet to get the punch bar it has been waiting for.

The report says the Chinese-owned Diamond Bar chain is now the world’s deadliest sushi restaurant.

In the report, CNN Money editor-in-chief David L. Siegel said: Diamond Bar has become the world leader in the deadly line of sushi bars.

“Its the most dangerous place in the world for sushi, bar and all of its other things,” Siegel told CNNMoney’s Chris Cuomo.

According to CNN Money, Diamond Bar serves up a line of “tasty, expensive, and highly questionable” sushi to diners, and it is also known for having high prices for sushi.

Diamond Bar’s sushi is usually made with fresh fish, which it says is the best sushi in the country.

However, according Siegel, some of its customers have reported that the fish used to make the fish sushi doesn’t taste right, and that they don’t feel good afterwards.

CNN Money also said Diamond Bar was the most expensive sushi bar in the United States, and ranked it #11 on the list of the world most dangerous restaurants.

Sometime in the past year, Diamond is also been sued by several other sushi restaurants in the U.S. and Canada, alleging they illegally imported their ingredients.

In October 2018, Diamond was named as one of the “World’s Ten Most Dangerous Restaurants” by CNN.

Sinkie Bar in the Philippines Diamond Bar is also located in the Philippine capital, Manila, according CNN Money.

The restaurant is popular among the elite in the Filipino capital, with locals and tourists visiting to dine on the sushi.

The sushi is made with the highest quality fish, fresh produce, and even some of the restaurant’s own vegetables.

According Siegel: There is also a bar that serves up sushi.

It is known as The Punch Bar and it has become a hotspot for people who want to try sushi, drink their beer, and have a good time.

Diamond Bars restaurant is located on the 3rd floor of the old Manila International Airport.

According the report: A security guard at the entrance to Diamond Bar told CNN that he was shocked to see the place open.

He said the restaurant has been open since late December, but he had never heard of it before.

“I never saw any signs of any problems,” he said.

“The security guard said the customers who came in were all dressed like the elite of Manila.”

Diamond Bar also opened its own restaurant in Manila, located at the same building.

According CNN Money’s Liza Muñoz, Diamond’s owner, Peter Quirino, is the first to admit that the Diamond Bar in Manila was the world deadliest sushi bar.

He told the Filipino broadcaster Efe that he opened the restaurant “to get in front of the masses and to show the world that the Filipino people can eat sushi.”

“It’s not like we’re trying to get a lot of attention,” Quirinos response to CNN’s Cuomo’s questions.

“We’re just trying to make good sushi.

We are trying to be like a normal restaurant.”

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