What do you need to know about a bar rescue?

What do you need to know about a bar rescue?

The bar rescue movement is exploding in popularity.

The idea is simple: bar owners are trying to save their businesses and make sure their patrons can return home safely.

Nowhere is this more true than in Texas, where there are nearly 20 bars that have gone through bar rescues.

A lot of them are owned by people who are retired or on disability.

Many are run by women.

In some cases, the owners are the mothers of the bar’s patrons.

Bar rescue owners say it’s been a real boon for the communities they serve, which include Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, San Marcos and Fort Worth.

They say bar owners have the support of the community to keep them going.

“Bar rescues are very unique, especially in terms of what kind of people are participating in it,” said Wendy Korn, executive director of the Texas Bar Association.

“It’s not like we’re just rescuing people who have been drinking, it’s a different type of community-building.”

In the Austin area, the group called the Bar Rescue Coalition has been active since 2012.

Now, it is active in nine counties.

It was founded by Bar Rescue Rescue Alliance members, many of whom were bar owners themselves.

“The idea is really to get people who haven’t been drinking to the bar and get them back to the bars to get them to drink responsibly and get the bars back to their communities,” said Jamie Davis, a member of the Bar Association board of directors.

The rescue group works with a variety of local bar owners to train them on how to get a bar cleaned, where to put up the bar lights, where they can put up signs and a place for customers to gather.

Some bar owners can even volunteer their time and skills.

“Our goal is to get these bar owners up and running in their own communities and bring them back out to the community,” said Davis.

Many of the bars that participated in the Bar Rescues Project have since been re-opened.

They include the Austin Beer Garden, a restaurant and bar that is owned by bar owners in Austin, Austin Beer Company, a bar and restaurant in the Austin neighborhood of San Marcos, and the Bally’s Bar & Kitchen in Fort Worth, where bar owners volunteered to clean and restore a bar.

In San Antonio and El Paso the rescue group has also helped bar owners get their bars back up and working.

One bar owner who went through the rescue project was a bar owner in the area and was working at a local restaurant.

“I got to go in to the restaurant, and all of a sudden I got a call from the manager saying, ‘We need you to go out and rescue your bar,'” said the bar owner, who asked to remain anonymous.

“I was like, ‘You’re kidding?

You need to go get my bar?'”

The Bar Rescue Project says that bar owners who volunteer their services are given free food and drinks for the day.

The group also helps bar owners create an online calendar for bar owners.

Bar owners have been posting their rescue stories online and on social media.

“We are trying as many ways as possible to keep the bar open and to get the bar back in the community.

There’s a lot of different ways to do that, but I think we’re making a real difference,” said Korn.

For now, Bar Rescue Alliance is only open to bars that are part of the group, but hopes to expand the program in the future.

“In the next couple of years, we plan to add a number of bars to the list that are not part of our rescue program.

And that’s not going to be until we are able to reach out to all the bars in the state and all the bar owners and see if we can get them in touch,” said Denton, the Bar Alliance board member.

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