How the US has made a new meme for the whole ‘burbs

The internet is full of memes, but they’re not usually funny.

The ones we know are often dumb and stupid.

But the new “burbs” meme that started trending this week is a funny one, and a pretty accurate representation of the US in 2016.

The image above is a photo of a burbs bar stool with a line through it.

It has been posted online since at least October, but has never before been shown to the public.

In fact, the photo was taken by a US tourist in March, and posted to the Facebook page of a local restaurant.

The restaurant owner later shared the photo to the restaurant’s Facebook page, and it quickly went viral.

The photo has since been shared thousands of times.

It was first spotted on Twitter by a user calling himself “Sassy Muffin” who called it a “Burbs Bar Stool with the Line Through it”.

The picture has since gained thousands of likes, and more than 1,000 shares.

It’s clear from the photo that it has been widely shared by many people in the US, who have dubbed it a Burbs bar stool.

The meme has been making the rounds on social media for days, and the number of retweets has grown.

The Washington Post picked up the meme, and USA Today said it’s “becoming increasingly popular on Twitter”.

The hashtag #BurbsStool has since trended on Twitter as well, with many people sharing it.

This is a burb bar stroller that is being shared on Twitter.

It looks like it’s been made by someone. — The Washington Times (@WashTimes) October 23, 2017 The meme is being called a “burb bar stool”, which the Washington Post describes as “a modern-day version of the ‘chickenshit’ burb sandwich”.

“Burb” is a slang term used to describe someone who is rich, famous, or famous enough to have a large family.

The word is often used in slang to describe rich, or to suggest a wealthy person is rich.

In 2016, it was a favourite of Donald Trump.

The term was also popularised by former US president Barack Obama in his speech at the United Nations in 2014.

The President used the phrase at the time, saying “Burbers have to eat, eat burbers.”

Trump’s use of the term is widely seen as racially offensive, and many people were upset by his choice.

The new meme is a parody of the burbs sandwich.

It is an amalgamation of the “burbers” meme and the “sausage-loving” meme, both popularised in the 1980s and 90s.

The American political cartoonist and satirist Dan Savage, whose political blog Savage Nation has attracted more than a million readers in the past four years, wrote an article for the Washington Times on the new meme on Saturday.

“If the new burbs stools were created by a group of people from the suburbs of Brooklyn, New York, they would be called the ‘Burbs,” he wrote.

“The new burbers bar stool is just another of the many burbs that have been invented over the past few years.”

“There are many things about the US that were a big surprise this election season,” he continued.

“But I think the best news is that this new meme could not have come at a better time for Americans, who feel like they have been left behind in a post-truth world.”

The US economy has been in free fall for the past year, and unemployment has hit a record high of 13.5 per cent.

There have been two waves of protests since November, the first over Trump’s decision to ban Muslims from entering the US and the second over his call for a temporary ban on all Muslims entering the country.

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