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How to use the Hollywood Hair Bar in WordPress to make a hair-friendly theme

How to use the Hollywood Hair Bar in WordPress to make a hair-friendly theme

We’re using a hair bar in our blog to make sure it doesn’t get cluttered up.

It also allows us to keep the sidebar clean and tidy without any extra work.

But if you’re like me, you don’t want to be stuck with the default WordPress hair bar, so we’re going to create a separate theme.

Here’s how to do that. 

So first off, we need to create the theme.

We can do that using the theme admin or the theme creator’s admin. 

Create the theme file: This is where you fill in the template. 

You can use the same template you use for the blog or a different template.

You can also edit the template to suit your needs.

You’ll want to leave out the title tag and title template tags, which is why we’re using the template for this post. 

In the template, we’ll want a title tag.

It’s used to tag a post that’s about something.

So if you have a post about making money from your blog, for example, it would have the title: Making money from my blog. 

That title tag will then have two attributes.

First, it’ll have the text that says: Title: Make money from My blog.

Second, it will have the link to a WordPress plugin that you can use to make money from WordPress. 

When you create a theme, WordPress will create a unique WordPress directory.

If you want to create your own theme, you can click the menu button, click New, and then click Theme Maker.

You need to set a few things up first. 

Choose a name for your theme: Your theme should have the name you want it to go by. 

The name you choose should be the name of your blog or your site.

If your theme is already in use, it won’t be used for the default theme. 

Here’s a screenshot of the default title tag on the default site: When the theme is created, you’ll be asked if you want the title to be a link to your plugin. 


Once you’ve created the theme, click the Create New Theme button.

You’re asked if your theme will have a sidebar. 

It doesn’t. 

Click the Create a sidebar button, and you’ll get a confirmation message. 

Now we need a sidebar template.

The template has a few attributes, including a title and a link. 

This template will be used by the sidebar.

Click the Create button and you’re asked what type of sidebar you want.

The type of the sidebar is automatically selected. 

What you need to do is add a title to the sidebar: Now that you’ve added the template and created the sidebar, you’re going the WordPress admin.

Now, when you click the Edit button, you should see a new sidebar template that’s ready for editing. 

Add the title and link.

We’re going back to the WordPress theme creator here. 

Go to the New Theme… menu, and click Add New… and enter your name for the sidebar template, which we’re just going to use. 

We’re going for a generic name.

Here are the parameters that you’ll see when creating a new template: Name: Name that will be displayed when creating the sidebar Template Tags: Tag that you want displayed when adding the sidebar to your site Header Tags:  Tag that shows when the sidebar will be shown on the homepage of your site Content Tags:   Tag that tells the WordPress site owner that your sidebar is created When you click Save, you are given the option to edit the sidebar for you. 

Make a new post.

You have to make this post as generic as possible.

So the post name, for instance, should be something like: “Making money from the blog”. 

Now, if you click Edit, you will be given a list of templates.

These templates can have multiple attributes. 

One of the attributes that we’re interested in is the title.

If we have the default post title, it’d be: Making Money from the Blog. 

If we have a generic post title like this, we would have to add a line that says Title : Make Money from My Blog.

The WordPress theme developer has an extra setting that allows you to set this attribute to a different value for each post title. 

Then, click Save. 

Next, click Edit. 

From the WordPress menu, click Create New…and choose a name.

Then click Save New Theme.

Now you should be able to see your sidebar template in the WordPress Admin.

Now that you have your sidebar, click Add a sidebar link.

The link will tell the WordPress administrator where to find your sidebar in your site:

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