How to make a gold bar cart with the Arduino Uno board: the easy way

We’re all familiar with the concept of gold bar carts.

They’re pretty much a standard item in most home kitchens, but there’s always room for a bit more creativity.

And when you’re a kid you could always build one for your dad.

But that’s not what we’re here to do today.

Today we’re going to talk about making a gold ball cart with an Arduino Unum board.

So, if you’re still curious, we’ve written a tutorial on how to do it yourself, but if you want to know how to build your own, we have an article with everything you need to know. 

Now, let’s get started.

Before we start, we should mention that we don’t have a gold cart on the Uno, but we do have an old-school one made with an Adafruit M3 microcontroller, and we are going to make use of that.

So, we’ll need to make sure you have an M3 version of the Unum SDK (available here: ) and that you have the appropriate header files (included in the header files are the necessary headers needed to be used in your cart).

Then, open up the Arduino IDE (this is the same one we use to build our digital breadboard, but this time we’ll use it to make our cart).

Open the Cart Maker tab and you should see a bunch of boxes for the headers we need:The headers are basically just a bunch

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