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How to Get the Lips Back

How to Get the Lips Back

Wal-Mart has been busy making its lips look as good as ever.

The mega-retailer has been working on the lip-free products for some time, and now the retailer is introducing the lipbar at its stores, Walmart Supercenter stores, and Walmart Supermarkets. 

The lipbar is a lip liner, with a mesh-like lip liner to hold the lip in place.

The lipbar will also be available in Wal-mart’s other beauty lines, including the Lip Free Beauty Collection. 

To put it simply, the lippad has a super-soft, gel-like finish that will glide on with a creamy and creamy feel. 

For those who are more comfortable with the use of the lip liner or the gel-ish finish, the lipbar comes in a palette of seven colors.

The palettes will be available at Wal-Marts Supercenter, Walmart’s Supermarkets, and Walmart Supercenter locations, starting July 5.

The lippad is available in six shades, and each of the palettes has a different size for the applies to both men and women. 

At the bottom of the lid, a magnetic sticker with the words LIP FREE, LIP FREE is affixed. 

It’s important to note that the lip pad is meant to be used with a lip brush, and the only way to apply the lip product is to apply to the lips with the brush.

The magnetic sticker is also the only place to keep track of your order. 

While this is a great product, it’s a bit pricey, at $32.95. 

Wal-Mart’s lippad has been in the works for some months, but the product will be a part of Wal-Mac’s lineup for the foreseeable future. 

You can read more about the lipfree products and how they’re different at Walmart’s blog and YouTube channel. 

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