Tiki Bar Hotel, the world’s first Tiki bar, opens in Sydney

Tiki Bar Hotel, the world’s first Tiki bar, opens in Sydney

Tiki bars in Sydney are starting to be taken over by locals, but Sydney’s Tiki House is hoping to change that.

The bar’s owner, Daniel, said he had “a couple of years of working on the Tiki concept”, which he describes as “an island in a sea of pubs”.

The concept is to open a bar at the Sydney Harbour Bridge and have guests from all over the world join in.

The concept has also been welcomed by locals in the area.

“There’s a certain appeal to it, a certain kind of atmosphere that I feel is very similar to that of Tiki,” Daniel said.

“The bar will be something special for us, but we’re not going to go and ask for a special drink.

The Tiki house is about celebrating the uniqueness of Sydney and being a part of the culture, so we think we have the right mix of things to bring to people.”

The Títis will have a menu of drinks that will include “mushrooms, ginger ale, ginger bread, coconut, lime, pineapple and a pineapple juice”.

The bar will also feature live music and local artists, while there will be “a little bar inside the bar”.

The Sydney Harbour Bar and Restaurant was opened in May 2017.

The first bar opened in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney in 2017.

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