Why the Beach Bar & Grill’s Cocktail Bar is going mainstream

A bar and lounge is coming to the South Beach.

Surfers and bohemians are finally getting their own place where they can mingle, share drinks and party like it’s 1999.

The Beach Bar has opened in a strip mall near the beach.

Its name is a nod to the original Beach Bar in Las Vegas, but the bar has changed its name to the Cocktail Room in honor of the late, great Steve Wynn.

Now the Beach has more than 50 taps and 50-plus DJs.

The owner is a young DJ named Tyler Krasnyk who has been playing the bar since 2014.

Krasnick has been with the Beach for five years, and is one of the co-owners.

He said the Beach will offer a different experience than the ones at Wynn’s Wynn-branded, fancy cocktail bars.

“We are not in the Vegas casino industry,” he said.

“Our bar will be more like a party, but it’s more of a family friendly bar.”

Krasnik said the bartenders are not only familiar with the bar’s menu, they’re also used to working in it.

They were also asked to be part of the Beach’s new social scene, a social club where they’ll be welcome.

The bar is also offering a variety of drinks and food to complement the cocktail menu.

There will be a wine list, and there will also be a beer selection.

The Bar will be open on Sunday nights and on Monday nights.

It will be an open-air space that will have an outdoor patio.

There are no hard liquor licenses or beer or wine restrictions.

“There’s a lot of cool, local, local talent,” Krasnik said.

The concept is to give the Beach bar a unique vibe and to keep it open to people who might not have been able to visit before.

He plans to have a “fun, laid-back vibe” and hopes people will come and play and be entertained.

It’s the perfect bar to celebrate the holiday season and its first birthday, Krasniak said.

He hopes to be open to the public for the party.

He has already been invited to the next big event, but he’s still figuring out how to handle people who have a disability.

The original Beach bar in Las, Nevada, opened in the early 1980s.

Now it’s been around for 10 years.

“It’s just really a wonderful place to hang out with friends,” Kraksnyk said.

Beach Bar owner Tyler Kraknyk with guests.

Photo by Matt Gourley Beach Bar is located at 5201 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064.

Call 800-852-7200.

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