How to set the bar height in Metal Bar Stools

A lot of us have trouble with the bar resting too far down on a table.

Luckily, there are some simple tips to help you get your bars height to fit.

If you’re a metal barstool enthusiast, here are some great tips to get your bar height right.


Make sure the bars are well centered around the table.

You don’t want to put your bar in the middle of the table, as it will feel awkward and uncomfortable.


Measure the distance between the bars so that the bar can rest on the edge of the edge table.

If the bar is too far off, it will make the table feel uncomfortable and you’ll get less use out of your bar.


Measure your barrest height so that it’s just barely above the edge.

If your bar is more than two inches away from the edge, it’ll feel too far from the bar to rest comfortably on the table and will also cause the barstools edge to feel cramped.


When the barrest is right, you’ll have a very comfortable and enjoyable sitting experience.


Use a low bar height so the table is comfortable to sit on. 6.

Keep your bar resting at a slight angle to the edge tables edge.


The edge table should be raised slightly so that your bar rests directly over the edge without feeling like you’re standing on it. 8.

Avoid setting the bar too high on a stool or barstlows edge.


The barrest should be set at a level with the edge so that you don’t feel like you are standing on a wall of metal.


Always measure your barheight at least once a week to ensure you’re doing everything right.

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