This is the real deal… [Polygon]

This is a legit deal.This is what you need to know about the upcoming Xbox One X console.The new console, which is due to launch on April 5, has a new design that features a new metallic black and red color scheme, as well as the addition of a new controller.The Xbox One S, a console that’s been on sale […]

How to choose the right bar stool for your home

You might have heard the phrase “the bar stool is the first thing that goes up”.But are you really using it as the first piece of furniture in your home?The bar stool can be used for almost any purpose, but its use depends on the size of the space and the size and style of furniture you’re building.The size of […]

How to make a ‘puff bar’ from scratch

A new puff bar recipe has been discovered that is just as tasty and nutritious as traditional barbecued meat.The recipe was developed by a group of amateur cooks in Queensland, and has now been featured on the BBC’s Newsbeat.The barbecuing process takes time to develop, and while it may seem like an elaborate contraption, it’s actually quite simple, according to […]

How to make the dip bar in a home bar

This week, Irish style dip bars are getting a makeover, and they’re getting it from the Irish Home Bar. In a world where dipping and croissants are now staples of home cooking, it’s important to remember that you can use the same ingredients and process in any of these dishes. But we’ll start by highlighting a few basic dip bars from home-brewers […]

What’s gay and why are we celebrating it in India?

A couple in Mumbai has started a blog about their love for the gay community and why they are doing it.The couple, a husband and wife, are planning to celebrate their wedding with a drink called ‘Glamorous India’. “We have always been gay. We are proud of our lifestyle and we have come to understand that it is a lifestyle that we […]