‘I don’t even know where to begin’: How to make a granola bar using only 2 ingredients, no baking required

We’re all familiar with the “dough” and the “crust” in granola bars, but how about this “disco” granola?It’s made from two different ingredients that have nothing to do with each other: a dough and a cracker.The difference between these two ingredients is that the dough in the middle is made from rice flour and the cracker is made of sugar, […]

A new formula for healthy, colorful bars and baked goods makes them easier to eat

By Sara WysockiPublished May 04, 2018 09:00:00I recently started eating raw, whole grains.And since my family eats a lot of them, I’ve always loved their crispness and nutritional value.I’ve also discovered a new way to eat those grains that works wonders for me: baking.It’s my go-to approach to healthy, flavorful baked goods, and I’ve found it works even better when […]

The Healthiest Protein Bars for Summer 2018

What’s in a protein bar?What’s the best protein bar recipe?How do you choose the best vegan protein bar recipes?Learn all of these and more in our guide to the best summer protein bars.The most popular vegan protein bars are often the ones that are made with dairy-free ingredients.These include the bars from the makers of Dairy-Free Cheesecake, the ones made […]

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